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Welcome To RIT HACKATHON 2023 !

RIT-Hackathon 2023 is an national level event initiated to provide a platform for solving problems faced by our society and industrial bodies. It gives an opportunity to the students to put their innovative ideas into a useful product and thus boost their mindset towards creative projects. RIT-Hackathon 2023 involving students across India is being organized on May 2023 at Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. The purpose behind the 24 hours Hackathon is to attract talented brains into a working atmosphere and build-up solutions.


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About Us

What Are We

RIT Hackathon is a platform where students creatively compete to give a best solution on problems of society, industry and different private sectors. 80+ groups, 250+ students participate in this event and take a innovative approach against the real time problems.

What We Offer

RIT Hackathon provides opportunity to the students from technical background to come up with their innovative ideas and develop a fruitful and cost-effective product. We encourage the technical skills of the students and also suggest different organizations and business sectors to adopt the product.

What Are We

RIT Hackathon and students of our community collectively put their efforts to reduce the problems and also put forth the solution overcoming them. We help to build a smarter and simpler product in cost effective way.