Three Track system for Final Year B.Tech

For final year B.Tech and MBA courses a major change is incorporated in syllabus which includes choice based four track systems. Under this system, students can select one choice from,

  • Industry Internship & Project (IIP)
  • Undergraduate Research Experience (URE)
  • Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
  • Regular capstone project (CP)

Industry Internship & Project (IIP):

Internship is designed to expand the depth and breadth of academic learning of students in their particular areas of study. It is an opportunity for students to receive experience in applying theories learned in the classroom to specific experiences in the community and work world. During this Internship it is expected that students should identify the problems arising in the industry related to Engineering and they have to give the solution to the company. Students are expected to do internship for 20 weeks.

Undergraduate Research Experience (URE):

For the engineering technology students, research experiences allow them to carry out in-depth study of engineering concepts, while emphasizing hands-on experiences and practical applications. Participating in research projects strengthens the student’s resume, and fulfills the requirements of present day employers, who demand sound engineering skills in their employees.

Entrepreneurship Development (ED):

UnderEntrepreneurship Development trackstudents can develop and apply an entrepreneurial way of thinking that will allow them to identify and create business opportunities that may be commercialized successfully.

Regular capstone project (CP):

Under Regular capstone project students need to do a project in group also learn Program and open electives as per their requirements.

Total students benefited by four track system (2017 to 2019):

Output of Four track system:

Sr.No Student performance details Number of Students
1 Retention of IIP Track students into the Industries where they have undergone Internship of 21 Weeks in the Academic year 2018-19. 96
2 Placement of students in various companies in 2017-18 266
3 Placement of students in various companies in 2018-19 344
4 Students qualified GATE/GRE/TOEFL/IELETS exams in academic year 2017-18 64
5 Students qualified GATE/GRE/TOEFL/IELETS exams in academic year 2018-19 92
6 Students worked under ED choice in two years (These students are about to start their startups) 49
7 Students qualified in GATE in 2017-18 34
8 Students qualified in GATE in 2018-19 34