The boy's hostel accommodates 674 boy and 448 girl students can be accommodated in the ladies hostel. Six messes ensure quality food and Aquaguard system is installed for drinking water. Hot water through the solar system is provided on every floor. An uninterrupted power supply is provided with the help of generators. Stringent security and discipline norms are induced to avoid any ill elements to enter the campus.. 24 Hours 500 Mbps Internet access to all. Ladies hostel offers some special facilities like cooking gas and electric geezers. Hostel Staff staying in each hostel building helps to maintain study atmosphere in the hostel campus. A dispensary in the campus takes care of preliminary free medical treatment. An ambulance is always ready to meet any medical emergency. 24 hrs canteen facilities (Tea & Snacks) during examination period Modern Gym facility within the campus. Tea/Coffee vending machine has been installed in hostel campus for the use of boys and girls students. Provided TVs in all the messes and daily Newspapers for updating their knowledge

The beautiful green campus of the hostel makes their every morning wishful and evenings memorable.


Hostel Managing Council

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Hon. Shri. S. D. Patil Chairman 9860600701
2 Hon. Shri. R. D. Sawant Member 9970212222
3 Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni Member 9970700701
4 Prof. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar Member 9845857935
5 Prof. P. M. Mohite Member 9970700882
6 Shri. B. G. Chavan Member 9970700916
7 Prof. Dr. S. D. Yadav Secretary 9970700915

Hostel Fees

Sr. No. Room Type FAS Rs. Form Fee Rs. Medical Fee Rs. Total Rs.  Deposit Rs.
1 Boys Hostel 25750.00 50.00 200.00 26000.00 5000.00
2 Boys Attach 27250.00 27500.00
3 Girls Hostel 30250.00 30500.00
4 Girls Attach 31750.00 32000.00
5 C hostel Attach Deluxe Non AC 31750.00 32000.00
6 C hostel Attach Deluxe AC 39750.00 40000.00


  • Full fees are to be paid when taking hostel admissions. Installments will not be encouraged.
  • For detail information and queries about the hostel, the following may please be contacted.
  • Shri. Prashant T. Mali - Foreign Student & Hostel Coordiator - 6360719053
  • Shri. T. S. Tate – Clerk - For Boys Hostel – Mob – 9422392928
  • Shri. A. D. Patil - Clerk - Incharge Rector and Coordinator Girls Hostel – Mob – 9970700902
  • Prof. Dr. S. D. Yadav – Head of Hostel & Guest House - Mob - 9970700915 

A new college guest house has been commissioned for the visiting guest and for the parents. The lodging charges are as follows:

Sr. No. Category Rate
1 Non A/C Deluxe Room Rs. 1300/-
2 A/C Deluxe Room Rs. 1800/-
3 Conference Hall A/C

A. Upto 3 hrs. Rs.2000/- per hrs.

B. For 3 hrs. Rs.5000/-

C. Up to 6 hrs. Rs.8000/-

D. More than 6 hrs Rs.8000 + 2000 Per hrs. additional

4 Conference Hall Non-A/C

A. Upto 3 hrs. Rs.1600/- per hrs.

B. For 3 hrs. Rs.4000/-

C. Up to 6 hrs. Rs.6500/-

D. More than 6 hrs Rs.6500 + 1600 Per hrs. additional

Note....... Parents can stay in a guest house for maximum 3 days only They are welcome to stay beyond 3 days provided if they pay the double amount.

For Booking please contact Manager: Mr. Sudhakar S. Mane  Mob. 8623852447